Exchanges, Security plus Utility Tokens and Crypto-Coins Deep Explorer

We have discovered something new: the capability to control intelligence on the Crypto Currencies and Token markets, as well as Exchanges, way before others. We have the most complete and fast data gathering tool available, that provides the most powerful data output ever. Refreshed on a 15 seconds basis.

About us

DigitalBliz LTD is a London based Financial Technology Corporation. The Group provides blockchain-related financial services through the London Headquarters and its two subsidiaries: DigitalBliz Technologies LTD, a Dubai based and DIFC regulated company, and DigitalBliz LTD Lugano, the Swiss branch of DigitalBliz London.

The aim of DigitalBliz LTD is to provide the most reliable updated tool set dedicated to specialists in Security and Asset Token Trading as well as Crypto-Currency professional dealers and analysts, through a wide range of high-quality financial services and an innovative Product, DigitalBliz Deep4.


Strategic Committee

Marco Beffa
Founder & CEO

Marco Beffa has been a serial entrepreneur in the past 30 Years +, acquiring extensive knowledge in several industries, including Luxury and Fashion, Finance, Real Estate and Leasing. He has repeatedly produced sustained revenues and enormous growth in dynamic and changing markets. He has been living in Milan, Tokyo, New York City, Lugano and Dubai. He has a wealth of leadership experience from strategic through to the day to day tactical delivery and management of an unparalleled customers portfolio.

Gianluigi Pacini Battaglia
Member of the Strategic Commitee

Gianluigi Pacini Battaglia has a proven career track record of 20+ years in the financial markets.
He has gained international reputation in his past executive positions such as Banque de Patrimoines Privèes in Geneva, Methis Group in Italy where he was able to deliver major projects for technological innovation for private and public bodies such as the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and Department of Public Administration in Italy. Presently he is a Founding Partner at Core Asset Management SA in Lugano with the responsibility of managing the Priviate Equity and Corporate Finance units.

Massimo Catizone
Member of the Strategic Commitee

Massimo Catizone is a Corporate and Asset Finance Executive with more than 20 years of experience. Having served as Board Member of large international Financial Institutions, as Chief Restructuring Officer in complex international turnarounds and on a variety of cutting edge projects, Massimo is uniquely positioned to provide a global prospective and innovative value adding advice. Massimo is qualified as an English solicitor and as Italian Lawyer and holds a Certificate in Investment Management from the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments.


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The essential tool-kit for any wise decision on crypto & tokens-markets

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Fast Updates

Time Efficient

Indexes are refreshed and updated on a 15 seconds basis, boosted by a weighted average of ranked exchanges.

Coins & Tokens

Exchange Rate

Real-time cross function and Exchange Rate between a huge panel of Coins, Security Tokens, Utility Tokens and the ranked Exchanges list


Crypto Currencies

Analytics processing and rigorous Flash Forecasts backed by: Data Gathering & Machine learning


Custom Dashboard

Totally customizable dashboard and data display.

Selling & Buying

Historical Data

Storage of historical data, providing a completely customizable dashboard for benchmark activities and analytics



Complete integration with customers’ systems.

Alert System

Smart Market Alert

Is a proprietary widget that allows customers to select and add custom indices on specific Coins or Tokens and activates an Alert System that notifies the user when a precise event is taking place on a selected Exchange or marketplace


Algorithm Financial Index

The Neural Deep4 Algorithm creates a financial index on a diversified panel of Security Tokens, Utility Tokens, and Crypto Currency.

Product Features

DigitalBliz Deep4 is Exchanges, Security plus Utility Tokens and Crypto-Coins Deep Explorer, delivering a 15 seconds updated data gathering through an exceptional dashboard, as well as a one-of-a-kind direct push message system, operated through secure protocols.

Cross Exchange and multi asset-based analysis for a real time comparison of more than 50 Coins and Tokens on 20+ Exchanges.

DigitalBliz Deep4 Smart Market Alert system on more than 50 assets, crossed on 20+ Exchanges. It’s a proprietary widget that allows customers to select and add custom indices on specific Coins or Tokens and activates an Alert System that notifies the user when a precise event is taking place on a selected Exchange or marketplace.

DigitalBliz Deep4 algorithm, is a real time data gathering, calculation and index dissemination + rebalanced multi asset algorithm DigitalBliz Deep4. It defines an interactive financial index creating a dynamic panel of coins or tokens with high and low volatility, stabilizing volatility risks and automatically switching between the selected Coins and Tokens in a medium/long term strategy.

DigitalBliz Deep4 real time assets-based tokens data gathering and analysis on:


Non-Fungible Tokens
Security Tokens
Utility Tokens


January 2018
The Website has been bought, along with the extensions .net, .org, .info
February 2018
DigitalBliz LTD
DigitalBliz LTD was incorporated in London under the Registrar of Companies of England and Wales.
March 2018
Corporate & Trademark
Corporate image, brochure, brand and logo have been finalized, as well as all marketing material related to single products. Trademark DigitalBliz has been registered at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)
April 2018
Alpha Version
DigitalBliz Deep4 Alpha version was created. It was providing a single Crypto-Currency Index, updated every 15 seconds.
May 2018
Dubai Future Blockchain Summit
DigitalBliz participates in the Dubai Future Blockchain Summit with a dedicated and personalized exhibition stand, A global event for companies specialized in Blockchain. It has been a huge success with an immediate effect. Share Capital was raised to £ 20,000, VAT registration was finalized
July 2018
DigitalBliz Deep4 Beta Version began running on 3 Crypto-Currency and 2 Exchanges.
August 2018
New Crypto
The number of Crypto-Currency has been raised to 6 and the Exchanges to 7. From now on the number of Crypto-Currencies and Exchanges are growing continuously every month.
September 2018
DigitalBliz Technologies LTD (Dubai) was established and regulated by the DIFC Authorities on September 3,2018. The first live demo of DigitalBliz Deep4 was launched. Expectations had exceeded and tests and demos were a success.
September 2018
The first staff was hired for the Dubai Branch. DigitalBliz attends World Blockchain Forum in London.
October 2018
DigitalBliz attends the World Blockchain Summits and the Global Islamic Economy Summit in Dubai. DigitalBliz LTD Switzerland was established on October 4, 2018. The Swiss branch is the entity providing products to the mother company and sister companies.
October 2018
DigitalBliz Deep4 reached 12 coins and 9 Exchanges. Dashboard was improved.
November 2018
Utility and Security Tokens
DigitalBliz Deep4 launches the Utility and Security tokens section. One of the most interesting and promising development for crypto-tokens has entered our data gathering system.
November 2018
Live Demo
Live demo of DigitalBliz Deep4 are performed daily on a regular basis to financial leading clients, among which are: HSBC Bank (London, UK), Fondazione Cariverona Bank (Verona, Italy), Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (Dubai, UAE), IBM (Dubai, UAE), Fundchain (London, UK), Ifina Ltd (London, UK)Blockxwealth (RSA, Durban), Araki Capital (London, UK), Nexo (Israel), AI 1st Capital (Moscow), Capital Kinetics (London, UK), Consul Coin (Switzerland)
February 2019
Market Launch
• Deep4C is launched through Apple store and Google Play • Deep4 is in Beta Testing with 2 important International Customers • The second Capital Share rise has been fully underwritten
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