DigitalBliz Deep4C Launches App on Apple store and Google Play,Deep4C is available now for free! Check it out on Google Play and Apple Store. Freak-out with the Crypto-Arbitrage Thrilling!

London, February 20th, 2019

DigitalBliz LTD is a London based Financial Technology Corporation. The Group provides blockchain-related financial services through the London Headquarters and its two subsidiaries: DigitalBliz Technologies LTD, a Dubai based and DIFC regulated company, and DigitalBliz LTD Lugano, the Swiss branch of DigitalBliz London.

DigitalBliz provides the most reliable tool-kit dedicated to specialists in Security and Asset Tokens as well as Crypto-Currency professional dealers and analysts, through DigitalBliz Deep4, a unique product offering a wide range of high-quality financial services.

In DigitalBliz we do have a strong and solid belief: that every human being on earth should benefit for free from technological progress.

So, we have created a free-for-all retail version of our main product, Deep4C, running on smartphones, and available from today on Apple Store and Google Play.

The basic version, that will be free forever and for everyone, will display a basic dashboard showing in real-time the values of selected cryptocurrencies crossed through main Exchanges with the best buy and sell, and a clear net possible profit.

Deep4C the ultimate and easiest way to do Crypto-Arbitrage.











What is Crypto Arbitrage?

It is simple and profitable: Deep4C shows the Exchange where the selected cryptocurrency is cheaper and where is more expensive in a particular 15 seconds time- stamp, with a clear margin spread. Done.

Deep4C is available now for free!





Press: Lamiah Haroon

Investors Relations: Marco Beffa

Head of Marketing: Morris Uberti


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