DigitalBliz Attends the Dubai Future Blockchain Summit With A New Partner Consulcesi Tech

DigitalBliz LTD attends the world’s most anticipated Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai with a newly formed partner, Consulcesi Tech a leading company in Blockchain and Cybersecurity presenting its very own “Survey Chain being the first Blockchain-based survey demonstrating its technology and ensuring inalterable and secure results.

The Future Blockchain Summit is designed to unleash the immense potential of the revolutionary technology and aimed to accelerate global dialogue attracting some of the biggest names in the industry



Captured above:

DigitalBliz Group CEO “Marco Beffa “Explains the benefits of the Professional Deep4 Product


Captured above:
DigitalBliz LTD Group CEO “Marco Beffa” explains the efficiency of the Deep4C mobile App aimed towards retailers and the Deep4 product aimed towards specialists and professional traders providing information on cryptocurrencies and security tokens.



Captured above:
Left: Massimo Tortorella “President” of Consulcesi Tech SA and Right: Gianluigi Pacini Battaglia representing the group as a “Global Strategy Manager”.



Captured above: DigitalBliz Ltd and Consulcesi Tech SA “Take the Stage” in being nominated as Influential Speakers at the Summit, Highlighting the importance of Blockchain and Fintech Technology.



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