Visa R&D Arm Develops a Blockchain System That Could Replace Financial Data Aggregators

Visa, the world’s largest card payment network, has been quietly developing a blockchain system that could upend how banks transfer customer transaction data to consumer financial applications like Mint and Credit Karma.

In a paper published by Visa’s research and development arm, researchers describe a system called LucidiTEE. It outlines a system for sharing sensitive personal data on a blockchain, crunching that data within a trusted execution environment (TEE) and using history-based policies to ensure that each of the parties receive an output of the computation. (The system’s name is a combination of TEE and the word lucidity).

The first application of LucidiTEE is sharing data between customers and financial apps. Such a configuration might spell trouble for aggregators like Plaid, Envestnet Yodlee, Finicity, according to people familiar with Visa’s thinking.



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